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The Portal
Dr. Mackenzie McNamara

October 5-12, 2024

The Practitioner Portal is opening in October 2024! Join us for this immersive healing retreat & exclusive Quantum Chiropractic Training.


Have you ever felt like there was something more than techniques and the daily grind of hands-on care? Some deeper gift or higher opening waiting to be accessed? Something uniquely you? There's a higher level of conscious hands-on care - and it's not about a specific technique, it's about accessing new templates within YOU - and training in Quantum Templates to bridge the physical - emotional - mental - and - spiritual bodies.


We'd say it's energy work for the skilled chiropractor but it's so, so much more than that.


In our PORTAL event, we combine personal healing, quantum training, and quantum chiropractic templates for you to deeply CONNECT to your own body and energy channels, ACTIVATE your unique gifts and healing potentials, TRAIN in Quantum Chiropractic protocols, and EXPLORE your unique FLOW through our training templates, then up your INTEGRATION game through immersive expereicnes and at-home follow-up support.


Leave with a written blueprint for YOUR new offering and a plan for implementation. 

The BODY is the temple  - and we will teach you how to bridge the quantum (infinite possibilities) with the physical body - through our Quantum Chiropractic TEMPLates (see what we did there?) - merging form with formless - and accessing the deepest and lightest magic there is - through you.  Space is limited on this truly transformational retreat. 


Practitioner Sign-Up (8 hrs CE available) *for chiropractors training in Quantum Chiropractic templates

Participant Sign-Up - Enjoy daily yoga & somatic + quantum field practices, meditation, breath-work, and excursions. Receive Quantum Chiropractic care through the chiropractors and healing arts practitioners practicing in our trainings. 


The Venue

OZEN eco resort is located in a 10 hectare circular forest property with a cenote lake as the project center.


This cenote is surrounded by all the gardens and the project development, a gathering of unique architectural structures such as, 70 beautiful and comfortable rooms, 5 different auditoriums designed for events such as yoga, meditation, dance, arts, music concerts, cultural events and others. The public areas such as lobbies, 4 restaurant zones, cafes, public toilets and parking lot are all within a 150 m distance range.


Since it is a health and purification resort - all food is vegetarian and all places are free of tobacco smoke and alcohol.

OZEN resort is located just 9 kms away from Playa del Carmen center, 40 kms away from Cancun Internatinal Airport and 60 kms away from Tulum hotel zone

Getting There

Fly into Cancun or Tulum airport.  Each is about a 1 hr drive.  Easily arrange transfers through Wanderlearn.

Your Hosts.

In 2020, Dr. Mackenzie founded Quantum Chiropractic and has been offering intuitive healing & transformational facilitation sessions, called Gateways Sessions. In this soul-level work, she serves as a gateway, or conduit, for the flow of unconditional Love and journeying into expansive, ‘non-ordinary’ reality, to access healing opportunities, data points, and new possibilities within the quantum field.

What's Included.

We have taken care of every detail, so the moment you step off of the plane, everything is handled. Our retreats are meant to bring you peace of mind through our exceptional service.  We only work with the best resorts and experience experts, so you can enjoy your trip knowing every detail is taken care of.  Our retreats include some of the best local experiences, food, and accomodations.



Airport transfers to and from can easily be arranged through us.

Eco-Luxury accommodations included for 4 nights at Onzen Retreat Center.


Chiropractors receive 8 hrs of CE.


Daily healing sessions and hands on workshops are included during this event.  Enjoy cenote tours, temazcal ceremonies, and more.


3 organic, vegan meals provided daily.  All meals are sourced locally and are organic. 


Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Unplug & Unwind


  -2:00 pm: Check in available at Onzen Retreat Center

  -2:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Free time to rest, acclimate, explore, etc

  -5:00 pm – 6:30 pm: Gentle Yoga 
​  -7:00 pm: Group Dinner

  -8:30pm - Opening Ceremony


Day 2: Reconnect

  - 7am: Morning breath work + Yoga

  -8:30 am: Breakfast

  -10 am: Group Class
  - 12pm: Lunch

  - 3-6pm: Group Sessions

  -7pm:  Dinner

   -8:30pm: Cacao Ceremony

Day 3: Recenter

  - 7am: Sunrise meditation

  - 8:00am: Breakfast 
  -10-12: Group Class

- 12pm: Lunch
  -1pm: Cenote Sound Journey in Xpu Ha
  - 6pm: Dinner


Day 4: Recharge

  -7am: Yoga Flow
  - 8:30am: Breakfast

  -10am: Group Class

  -12pm: Lunch
  -2-6pm: Group Sessions

  -7pm: Dinner

  -8pm: Closing Ceremony

Day 5: Farewell

-7am: Breakfast

-8am: Departures

*Sample itinerary, subject to change

Image by Mathew Schwartz

Are you ready?

Join new friends from all over the world in paradise.  Our retreats sell out quickly, save your spot today.

Pricing starts at $3250

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