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Excellence in Education


At Wanderlearn, we believe that continuing education is essential for personal growth, career advancement, and keeping up with the rapidly evolving world around us. Our seminars are meticulously designed to deliver high-quality educational experiences that are both practical and inspiring. We bring together renowned experts, industry leaders, and seasoned practitioners to share their expertise, insights, and best practices in a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Join us at Wanderlearn Continuing Education Seminars and embark on a journey of lifelong learning, growth, and professional advancement. Expand your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and connect with a community of passionate professionals who are committed to continuous improvement. Let us be your trusted partner in your ongoing pursuit of excellence.


Invest in your future. Embrace the power of continuing education with Wanderlearn.

Upcoming Seminars

Pediatric CE Weekend

September 6-8th

Are you ready for a weekend FULL of pediatric practice philosophy, clinical skills, and business development?  Then join us in Dallas, Texas for a "Wander Weekend" with some of the top pediatric doctors in the profession.  This is not your average seminar.  Join us Friday night for a cocktail party + philosophy night, all day Saturday for hands on continuing education seminar that will elevate your practice to the next level, and then join us Sunday for brunch and receive all of your Texas mandatory hours.

As always headshots, mimosa bar, and charcuterie board will be included :)

You don't want to miss this weekend to network, learn, and connect with other like minded doctors from around the US. We look forward to seeing you in Dallas!

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