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Wanderlearn Approved

Certified Venues for Wellness Retreats

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As the fastest growing educational tourism company and global travel platform, we are excited to now add an opportunity for venues like yours to partner with us.

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Wanderlearn Certified

As we are growing our platform and company, we are looking for strategic partnerships with unique venues to bring consistent retreats to and promote to our following.

The idea is to streamline our process when planning retreats, and give our clients an experience that keeps them coming back year after year.


The Wanderlearn Certification program requires excellence in five key categories: Customer Service and Support, Wellness, Sustainability Practices, Food and Beverage, and Overall Property Luxury.


Upon partnering with Wanderlearn, you will receive a seal of approval to display at your venue and join our ever growing community.


Elevate your venue's reputation and become a Wanderlearn Certified Venue, gaining recognition and exclusive benefits at three distinct levels.

Customer Service



Food + Drinks


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Expanding your brand into wellness travel


Certified Venue List

When clients come to us to plan a retreat for their business, we give them a list of certified venues to choose from.  These are venues that we know personally and are confident can give a 5 star experience.  Our goal is to keep our clients coming back year after year, and it all comes down to the right venue.


Direct Marketing access

Our retreat attendees are mainly doctors or 6 & 7 figure income earners.  Our email list is 32,000 and growing of verified doctors.  Certified venues will have direct marketing opportunities to our community.


Region Exclusivity

We want to continuously support venues that support our mission and vision.  In order for us to do this, we will only have 3 venues per region/city. Our top tier certification will have exclusive access with Wanderlearn for their region.


Travel Membership Partner

An exciting continuity program we are developing at Wanderlearn is an annual Travel Membership.  People enrolled in this will get monthly itineraries featuring one of our Exclusive Venues.

Annual Certification

One annual fee. Lifelong relationships.

Wanderlearn Certification



Added to our Certified Venues List

1 Social Feature

2 Email Features

1 Email Offer

Top 3 Region Exclusivity*

*Region Exclusivity means that Wanderlearn, by contract will only host with your venue if a client chooses your region.

Welcome to our Community

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