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Life Visions Retreat
Dr. Andrew + Christa Shepherd

November 6-10, 2024

Embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and empowerment amidst the lush jungle of Xpu Ha, just 25 minutes outside of Tulum, Mexico. Join Drs. Christa and Andrew Shepherd for an immersive retreat experience like no other, meticulously crafted to ignite your inner purpose and elevate every facet of your life.


Life Visions offers more than just a retreat—it's a gateway to transformation and connection with your true self. Join us in this sacred space, where the rhythms of nature harmonize with your aspirations, and discover the power of purpose to propel you towards a life of abundance and impact.


Under the guidance of Drs. Christa and Andrew Shepherd, renowned experts in Utilizing Metabolic Testing and a Functional Approach to interpretations of biomarkers to create comprehensive protocols, you will take a universal journey that connects creating a LIFE VISION and tuning into your dream frequency Through insightful workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions, you'll unlock the secrets to aligning your spiritual and personal growth in order to gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies to tap into your “Power of Purpose'' meant to elevate your business endeavors while maintaining balance and fulfillment in all aspects of life. Join us for a journey of self-discovery, connection, and empowerment amidst the natural beauty of the jungle.


Life Visions awaits, offering you the opportunity to thrive personally and professionally in harmony with the rhythms of nature.  Space is limited at this property, so be sure to save your spot today!


The Venue

Nestled snugly amid the breathtaking landscapes of Xpu Ha beach and the mystical embrace of the Mayan jungle, Onze stands as an undiscovered treasure trove mere moments away from the lively hubs of Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Crafted as a haven for holistic well-being, it beckons with an array of experiences for all its guests, from invigorating ice baths and transformative breathwork sound healing to rejuvenating yoga sessions and soothing massages.

Onze effortlessly blends contemporary elegance with the wabi-sabi design ethos—an ode to simplicity and the beauty of imperfection. Featuring seven expansive bedrooms accommodating up to 23 guests, this retreat offers abundant space for relaxation and revelry. Adding to its allure is a unique highlight—the opportunity to immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of its private cenote, an underground river that sets this property apart.

Your Hosts.

LifeVisions and The Blueprint were founded by Dr. Andrew and Christa Shepherd in 2020 while visiting what will soon become the head office for LV Cabo San Lucas.  With over 25 years of combined clinical experience, specializing in the body's structure and its ability to self-heal through their Find-Fix-Resolve approach for optimal body function.


The Shepherd’s clinical focus has been on proactively creating Functional Lifestyle and Metabolic programs for their patients to address the underlying causes of chronic symptoms both nationally and internationally. Together, this power couple has a love for educating and providing tools and strategies for functional wellness. They share an unwavering desire to utilize transformative travel to create a LIFEVISION and reconnect with your universal soul to create IMPACT.

What's Included.

We have taken care of every detail, so the moment you step off of the plane, everything is handled. Our retreats are meant to bring you peace of mind through our exceptional service.  We only work with the best resorts and experience experts, so you can enjoy your trip knowing every detail is taken care of.  Our retreats include some of the best local experiences, food, and accomodations.



Airport transfers to and from Xpu Ha can be easily arranged through Wanderlearn.

Eco Luxury accommodations at the private retreat center, Onze, included for 4 nights.


Daily wellness and strategy workshops with Drs Andrew and Christa.


Daily wellness activities included, extra excursions available at a small extra fee.


All organic, chef curated meals provided. 


Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Unplug & Unwind

  -6pm: Welcome Dinner

  -8pm: Opening ceremony


Day 2: Reconnect

  - 7am: Sunrise yoga + meditation

  - 8:30am: Breakfast
  - 11am-1pm: Workshop
  - 1pm-2pm: Lunch/ free time/spa/ice bath
  - 2pm-6pm: Cenote Sound Journey
  - 7pm -9pm: Dinner 


Day 3: Recenter

  - 7am: Meditation + Yoga

  - 8:30am: Breakfast

  - 11am-1pm: Workshop + Mastermind
  - 1pm-3pm: Lunch/ free time/spa/ice bath
  - 5pm-7pm: Temazcal ceremony
  - 8pm -10pm: Dinner 


Day 4: Recharge

  -7am: Yoga Flow

  -8:30am: Breakfast

  - 10am-3pm: VIP Boat Tour + lunch
  - 5pm-7pm: Garden party
  - 7pm -8pm: Closing Dinner 

  -8pm-10pm: Bonfire closing ceremony

Day 5: Farewells

-8am: Breakfast

-10am: Farewells + departures 

*Sample itinerary, subject to change


Are you ready?

Join new friends from all over the world in paradise.  Our retreats sell out quickly, save your spot today.

Now taking $1000 deposits.  Pricing will begin at $3250.

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